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The following consists of excerpts from studies made by Geo. Barna. I think you will be as surprised as I was by many of these findings.

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Dr. Robert Dreyfus

The Importance Of Reaching People When They’re Young

George Barna, whose company has been conducting research for more than twenty
years, commented, “Recent studies we have conducted show that the beliefs
a person holds at age 13 vary little during their adult years. The most
effective way to influence such beliefs is by teaching people when they are
young and still in a spiritually formative stage.”

“Adults essentially carry out the beliefs they embraced when they were young,
The reason why Christians are so similar in their attitudes, values and
lifestyles to non-Christians is that they were not sufficiently challenged to
think and behave differently – radically differently, based on core spiritual
perspectives – when they were children. A person’s lifelong behaviors and
views are generally developed when they are young – particularly before they
reach the teenage years”.
As evidence of this, Barna provided research that
showed four critical outcomes.

1. “A person’s moral foundations are generally in place by the time
they reach age nine.
While those foundations are refined and the
application of those foundations may shift to some extent as the individual
ages, their fundamental perspectives on truth, integrity, meaning, justice,
morality, and ethics are formed quite early in life
. After their first
decade, most people simply refine their views as they age without a wholesale
change in those leanings.”

2. “A majority of Americans make a lasting determination about the
personal significance of Christ’s death and resurrection by age 12.”

3. “In most cases people’s spiritual beliefs are irrevocably formed
when they are pre-teens.”

4. “In essence, what you believe by the time you are 13 is what you
will die believing
Of course, there are many individuals who go through
life-changing experiences in which their beliefs are altered, or instances in
which a concentrated body of religious teaching changes one or more core
beliefs. However, most people’s minds are made up and they believe they know
what they need to know spiritually by age 13.”

Citing research showing that a large proportion of church-going people
dropout of church between the ages of 18 and 24. The percentage of teens
who are not only born again but also believe in the accuracy of the Bible,

personal responsibility to evangelize, believe in salvation by grace alone,
and possess orthodox biblical views on God, Jesus and Satan
- have
declined from 10% in 1995 to just 4% today
This demise is attributable
to growing numbers of teenagers who accept moral relativism and pluralistic
theology as their faith foundation. Public schools use values clarification and
situational ethics beginning at a very young age to indoctrinate children.


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Dr. Robert Dreyfus
Florida Coordinator Exodus Mandate
P.O. Box 1548
Ocklawaha, FL 32183
(352) 216-1703

James Dobson & Gary Bauer in their book, Children at Risk state:
“A great Civil War of Values rages today…Two sides with vastly differing and incompatible worldviews are locked in a bitter conflict that permeates every level of society…the struggle now is for the hearts and minds…the war is not fought with bombs and bullets, but with ideas.”

The struggle is for the hearts and minds of our children. The enemy’s weapon is the public (government) schools which are the primary cause of the problems in America. Government schools have indoctrinated generations of children to believe in evolution, relativism, post-modernism, feminism, multiculturalism, socialism, mindless tolerance, sexual promiscuity, phony self-esteem, and indoctrinate children into accepting homosexuality as a normal alternate lifestyle. Schools have also lowered academic standards; teach that God is irrelevant, and that the philosophy of secular humanism holds the best hope for mankind.

Government schools, encouraged by the teacher’s unions and directed by homosexual organizations, are now indoctrinating children as young as 5 years old into accepting homosexuality as a normal alternative lifestyle. Over 3,000 government schools now have homosexual clubs.

Secular education’s intent is to sever our nation from its Christian moorings by instilling a secular worldview in children so that when they become adults serving in the courts, the government, the news media, the entertainment industry, and even in our churches a secular worldview will prevail.

In Deut 6:4-9 and in many other Scriptures, God gave the responsibility to the family that children should be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Secular Humanism has no place in our hearts, churches, homes, or classrooms. Secular schools belong to the world of the antichrist, and we to that of Christ our Lord. We have different lords, and we also need a different kind of education. Christian children are being devastated spiritually, morally and academically by a pagan ideology taught on a daily basis. Two hours of Church does not make up for thirty-five hours a week in a secular school.

A report by the Baptist Council on Family Life in 2002 stated that 88 percent of children from Christian families leave the church shortly after graduation and most never return. Ministry leaders and pastors must understand the need to return to their crucial battlefield, and guard the most vulnerable members of our communities by providing K -12 thoroughly Christian educations for children. It is simply not possible to reform the public schools. Instead we must come out of that corrupt system.

The goal of Exodus Mandate is to save children’s souls by convincing parents that Christian children should receive a truly Christian education. Christian children brought up in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord will be spiritual champions, who can be used by the Lord to save the nation.

Before I retired 70 percent of my practice was composed of children., and I noticed a pronounced difference between children. When I greeted a child attending public school, my greeting was either ignored or the reply was generally a grunt. Almost without exception children who were home schooled or who attended a truly Christian school were mannerly, articulate, knowledgeable, and pleasant to be with.

Why I became involved with Exodus Mandate, and why I think you should consider partnering with us.

  • Christ demands that parents provide a truly Christian education to their children. Deut 6:4 – 9

  • The most important issue facing the nation and the church is the devastation of our youth.

  • Freedom: Thomas Jefferson said, “If a person thinks a nation can be ignorant and free he expects something that never was and never will be.”

  • Effectiveness: I believe Exodus Mandate is the most effective organization addressing this problem.

  • Economic: Every child removed from public schools saves taxpayers approximately $7,000.00 a year.

  • Loss of students and funding will force public schools to improve.

  • Many Christians are pursuing diversions and leaving the most vital battle area, our children, unprotected. Nothing equals the important of the struggle for the K-12 Christian education of our children. The church must not be content to allow the liberal humanists to indoctrinate their children during the week, while they urge their members to engage in minor skirmishes on Sundays. There is a small force of Christians who understand the situation who are charging into the teeth of the enemy. Unfortunately many people remain unaware of, or are not willing to face the problem with a realistic plan that has some possibility of success.

    Those who understand the absolute necessity to engage the enemy, have no choice but to take on the liberal humanist establishment, and wage a vigorous battle for the children. This is the main battle, and we are now at the decisive moment in that battle. The final battle in the cultural war will not be fought over drinking or gambling, but over who will educate this and future generations of children. Ministry leaders and pastors must guard the most vulnerable members of our families and communities.

    There are many worthy ministries, but Exodus Mandate addresses the most important issue facing the church and America. You can help by supporting us. I hope you will prayerfully consider this proposal, and view it in a positive light. We are anxious to discuss this proposal with, you and are ready to provide any additional information that you may need. Thank you for considering our request.